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sicurezza informatica sicurezza informatica
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sicurezza informatica sicurezza informatica


Our mission:
to provide secure, efficient, scalable and cost-effective solutions compatible with the companies business development.

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NSC s.r.l. was born from the aggregation of more than 20 years of experience developed from our personnel in TLC market for Large Business.

Internet didn’t exists and our consultants put in communication pc (Mainframe S/390, Mini S/88 and Digital Equipment, the first Personal IBM and compatible) using the typical past age networks and protocols (SNA, DecNet, ISO/OSI and the first, precious, Ethernet10B5, as well as X.25, BSC, SDLC, Frame/Relay…)

At that time, as it is today, the goal of a correct action on TLC company infrastructure was to deliver Efficiency, Cost-effectiveness, Security, Permanence, Ease-to-use solution.

We were proposing to our customer "the Network" (strictly for work purposes only!) as a competitive instrument, essential to improve their market business position, thanks to an improved integration between the various Information System Applications.

.. Internet arrived, and the network became the Network, and the WAN became the world ..

Everything seemed to be easier, more available, more approachable.

With our support our Customer opened their doors the to the endless world of the interactive information, created their Internet Presence, integrated their application in the World Wide Web, utilized each bit of their Internet connection to assure fluency in communication with Dealer, Partner, Customer end with company external mobile personnel.

As far as the viral attacks and the Hackers (sorry, the Crackers), began to threaten our customer Information Systems, our proposed solution generated the suitable defense barrier to protect their Network against these Risks.

We developed local and distributed (Firewall) defense barriers, Virtual Private Network based on IPSec technologies, for a protected transit of the company information on Internet, high security and high performance Housing & Hosting solution for Industry, Finance, E-shop, etc.

Meanwhile, with Internet and the necessaries defense barrier to get access to Internet, the Company asked for more efficient and more reliable LAN suitable to manage security requirements and traffic control to the single work-station.

Therefore our consultants introduced Multi-Layer Switch Equipment, Virtual LAN, Intrusion Detection System mechanisms, redundancy (Spanning Tree, HSRP, Fast EtherChannel, Campus Dynamic Routing) and central management (HP/OpenView, CiscoWorks) strategies.

Within our road-map we have always used technologies and procedures standardization, adopting the standard de iure, selecting the standard de facto, which really have addressed the TLC world evolution during these years.

We have lived and integrated the Microsoft work, toughening up the network and security characteristics of these products, and have followed, adopted and introduced to our customer premises the CISCO technological platform. We also work on open systems as Unix and Linux, its more exciting and promising evolution.

sicurezza informatica sicurezza informatica
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